Planning Division

The Planning and Building Department counter is open to the public on Mondays and Wednesday from 9 AM to Noon. Staff is available to help you by phone and email outside of these hours and appointments are available. See Staff Directory to find direct emails and phone numbers.

Please feel free to contact us for information prior to submitting a planning application, or to ensure your building application does not need any discretionary permits.

Online Permit Applications

Most planning permits may be filed online through eTRAKiT, For Planning applications and Heritage Tree Permits, use the "Projects and Planning" module to apply, upload documents and plans and staff will contact you for application fees. Please let us know if you need help.

Responsibilities & Duties

The Planning Department processes applications for both discretionary and ministerial planning permits for proposed development projects and undertakes advance planning projects such as revisions to the General Plan, preparation of specific plans, and Zoning Ordinance amendments. It also provides staff services to Larkspur’s Planning Commission and to the Heritage Preservation Board and City Council on planning and environmental matters. Additionally, the Planning Department enforces the City’s Zoning Ordinance.

Current Planning: The main Current Planning activities are associated with advising the Planning Commission and City Council regarding applications for land use changes and development permits. These applications include fence height exceptions, lot line adjustments, slope use permits, floor area ratio exceptions, use permits, variances, subdivisions, and design review. Also included in Current Planning activities is the review of building permit applications for Zoning Ordinance compliance and environmental review of discretionary development applications. The Planning Division also manages Heritage Tree Removal permits that are part of development permit applications or are otherwise protested to the Park & Recreation Commission.

Advance Planning: Advance Planning is concerned with the preparation, updating, and amendment of General Plan elements, Specific Plans, and the Zoning Ordinance. It is also responsible for inter-agency coordination.

Code Enforcement: The Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of the City’s Zoning Ordinance and compliance with conditions of permit approval.

Public Information: The Planning Department provides information to the public regarding zoning regulations and permit procedures, active project proposals, and permit and property records.