Heritage Preservation Awards

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About the Program
Larkspur’s Historic Preservation Award(s) are presented under the sponsorship of the Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board. The purpose of the award is to recognize notable accomplishments in historic preservation by owners of contributing commercial buildings in Larkspur's historic downtown and owners of residential structures listed on Larkspur's Inventory of Historic Resources, which have been completed within the preceding five (5) years. Award recipients are issued a certification of notable historic restoration and, subject to the authorization of the owner, a bronze plaque may be mounted on, or in front of, the historic structure.

The Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board reviews all nominations and recommends recipients to the Larkspur City Council. Nominations will be reviewed once each year, and may be submitted to the Board by members of the public, City staff, Council, Planning Commission, or Boardmembers.

Evaluation Criteria
  • Projects must conform to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for preservation projects.
  • Project has substantially restored a structure back to a period of significance from which the structure has been deemed historically significant.
  • For projects that were completed to comply with local, state, or federal law, consideration will only be given to projects that exceed legal requirements or demonstrate creative solutions to compliance requirements.
  • Additional consideration will be given to historic preservation projects/activities that promote public understanding of Larkspur’s history and/or promote sustainable and “green” design while preserving the historic fabric of the resource.
  • Nominees may demonstrate creative solutions to the preservation and interpretation of Larkspur’s historic resources.
Nomination Requirements
Please submit a one-page letter that includes:
  • Building Address
  • Name and Contact Information of Building Owner
  • Project Architect and/or developer
  • Project/Activity: Describe project and why you believe it meets criteria. Attach photographs
  • Nominator’s relationship, if any, to the building and/or its owner
There is no deadline for nominations. Please send nominations to:
Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board
City of Larkspur
400 Magnolia Ave.
Larkspur, CA 94939