Waterway Pollution Issue

Waterway Contamination

In May 1999, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) expanded the list of impaired waterways with 53 creeks and streams considered to be contaminated with the pesticide diazinon. Currently, over 270 common pesticide products contain this chemical. During the study, samples were obtained from storm drains in the upper Ross Valley. The results of one sample did produce trace amounts of the chemical. However, no samples were taken from the Corte Madera Creek in the Larkspur / Greenbrae area.

Effects of Diazinon

Diazinon is a chemical that will harm marine and wildlife in our sensitive habitat areas. All residents are urged to use garden pesticides sparingly and with the knowledge that anything that runs to the curb eventually ends up in the Corte Madera Creek and San Francisco Bay.


For more information on this issue, contact the Marin Bay Area Storm Water Management Agencies Association at (510) 622-2326.