Public Projects

The City of Larkspur owns and maintains infrastructures including roads, vehicular &pedestrian bridges, walking and bicycle paths, a storm drain system network and associated pumps, ancillary structures, drains and catch basins, parks, and City-owned buildings, including the century-old City Hall building.  

The Public Works Department continually undertakes or commissions various studies and condition assessments to identify capital improvement projects that are necessary to maintain and/or improve the City's infrastructure. 

  • City Projects: The City plans a number of CIP and non-CIP projects each year. CIP projects differ from routine maintenance activities in that they are typically larger in scale and are not part of a regularly scheduled maintenance activity.  Non-CIP projects are smaller non-routine projects that are shorter in duration.
  • Regional Projects: From time to time, the Public Works Department oversees the construction of regional projects funded by the other agencies.
  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP):  The CIP is a five-year planning document developed by the Public Works Department to identify and manage construction projects.