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Apr 18

Library of the Future - Projects from Mr. Eisberg's Class at Neil Cummins Elementary

Posted on April 18, 2012 at 4:23 PM by Teresa Capasso

Today, Frances Gordon, Library Director, and I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Eisberg's technology class at Neil Cummins Elementary School.  The students in his class had learned a software program called Sketchup which they used to envision a new library for Larkspur.  Some of the features they mentioned were spaces for reading and relaxing, as well as special rooms for doing homework and tutoring.  They also would like a place to take part in library programs, have book clubs, watch movies together, use the internet, play computer games, and use e-book readers. The environment was an important consideration too, as they included solar panels on the roof as well windows that opened for fresh air and lots of natural light.  The students also would like to see access to the outdoors, gardens with fountains and several would even like a snack bar or cafe.  There were so many great ideas it was inspiring. Good work students and thank you for your great presentations! -- Teresa Capasso, Children's Librarian

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