Do I need a building permit to replace my water heater?

Yes, a permit is required. Please apply online at eTRAKiT. Contact us at 415-927-5038 or if you need assistance with your application. After your permit is issued and the water heater is installed, our building inspector will check that the water heater is installed properly with a mandatory pressure relief valve piped to grade level, and has the necessary seismic strapping. The pressure relief valve ensures that the appliance will not suffer a catastrophic failure in the event of a malfunction. The pipe running to grade level ensures that if the relief valve is activated, it will not spray scalding hot water on somebody who might be nearby. If located in or near the garage, the water heater must be located on a platform 30 inches or higher. This reduces the possibility of flammable vapors being ignited by the water heater pilot light.

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5. Do I need a building permit to replace my water heater?
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